Sunday, September 16, 2012

Club Scrap

Tricia Morris did a video on a cutting recipe for one of OWH's sketches.  Since being exposed to Club Scrap, I absolutely love everything they do.  Their papers, cardstocks and stamps are gorgeous and the ideas are unending.  Nonetheless, here is one of the cards I made with the Bold Blooms paper.
I'm still scanning with my printer; although I did get a new Olympus camera.  Since I'm really not my of a photographer, I have yet to get the lighting exactly right and the colors are still skewed a bit.  But I'm working on this.  I made a really cute Christmas ornament today and wanted to photo since it is 3D and not having too much luck.  But I'll keep trying.

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  1. Great card. TFS. BTW I do a lot of photography. The best way I have found to take photos of my cards is to take them outside in the sun. I take a regular piece of white cardstock (or dark if my card is white) and prop the cardstock up on a chair or small box. I then try different angles. You also can just lay the card on the ground or a stool and take the photo from above. Just make sure that you don't have your shadow on the card. Good luck with the new camera. Approach it like an adventure! I love taking photos. If you get a change check out some of my photos at
    Have fun.